May 2015 News

May 10, 2015
We’re very proud of our seniors: Sophie Swanson, Riley Rice, and Ariana Fernandez. More information about their winning essays is below: Anthropology:   Edward Sapir Prize in Sociocultural/Linguistic Anthropology Sophie Anne Swanson, Morse College, Class of 2015, for her essay “Heritage at... Read more
May 2, 2015
Ruoxi Yu, an undergraduate in Berkeley College, was recently awarded a 2015 Williams Prize for her essay “The Girl with the Peanut Necklace: Experiences of Infertility and in vitro Fertilization in China”. Ruoxi is advised by Professor Marcia Inhorn and Visiting Professor Susan Brownell. The... Read more
May 2, 2015
“Using published and new data from a population of monogamous owl monkeys in the Argentinean Chaco, I examine the hypothesis that social monogamy is a default social system imposed upon males because the spatial and/or temporal distribution of resources and females makes it difficult for a single... Read more