Congratulations to graduate student Michelle Young, recipient of a Rust Foundation grant

March 23, 2016

Michelle Young is the recipient of a Rust Foundation grant for her dissertation project the Atalla Archaeological Investigation Project, located in Yauli, Huancavelica, Peru.

Her project explores the role of interregional interaction on the development of more complex social arrangements during the Early Horizon period (c. 900-200 B.C.) at the site of Atalla. Her research examines the consumption of foreign styles and practices, with particular emphasis on economic exchange of non-local goods. Methodologically, the project will employ chemical and geological sourcing of raw materials, as well as formal and technical comparisons of architectural and ceramic styles to determine the precise nature of the interactions and their impacts on sociopolitical organization. The Rust Family Foundation grant will support both field and laboratory work for the culminating season of the project, including: radiocarbon dating, petrographic analysis of thin sections, and transportation between the field house in Yauli and from the archaeological site of Atalla.