Professor Eric Sargis’s work featured in Travel Channel’s ‘Mysteries at the Museum’

October 22, 2016

“According to legend, the Explorers Club — a society of scientific adventurers — served its members a prehistoric dish at its annual dinner in 1951. By some accounts, the mystery meat was woolly mammoth; by others, extinct giant sloth. Now DNA analysis has provided a definitive answer — and unraveled a decades-long deception.

A Yale-led analysis has shown that a famous morsel of meat from a 1951 Explorers Club dinner is not, in fact, a hunk of woolly mammoth. It is green sea turtle meat, most likely set aside from the soup course.”

Click here to access the article, “Was Frozen Mammoth or Giant Ground Sloth Served for Dinner at The Explorers Club?”, in PLoS.

Click here to check out the episode on Travel Channel that features this work (with rather hilarious recreations of our labs & faculty).