Requirements for the Ph.D.

To qualify for admission to candidacy for the Ph.D., each student must complete sixteen term courses, at least two of them with a grade of Honors; show proficiency in a language determined by the student’s committee and show competency in statistics/quantitative methods, again, determined by the student’s committee; and take and pass both written and oral qualifying examinations.

Normally, these requirements must be satisfied by the end of the second year of full-time study, though adjustments may be made when deemed necessary and prudent by the student’s advisory committee and subject to approval by the Department faculty. Entering students who have already done a year or more of graduate work in anthropology at another university may petition the Department through their advisory committees for appropriate reductions in course requirements. They may, as a corollary, be expected to take their qualifying examinations before the end of the second year of full-time study.

Upon successful completion of the qualifying examination and being permitted to continue on to dissertation research, the student may petition for the Master’s of Philosophy (M.Phil.) degree. Formal admission to candidacy requires, in addition, submission and acceptance of a dissertation prospectus, which must be submitted before the end of the second semester after the qualifying examinations or the end of the third year of graduate study, whichever comes first. Finally, award of the Ph.D. itself requires submission and acceptance by the faculty of a dissertation.