November 2020 News

November 9, 2020
The John P. McGovern Award Lecture in the Behavioral Sciences (AAAS) honors outstanding behavioral scientists from around the world. The lecture was endowed by the John P. McGovern Foundation to enable scholars to learn and explore the accomplishments and challenges of the behavioral sciences. Dr.... Read more
November 4, 2020
A recent study of fossils excavated from Egg Mountain Montana pushes back the origin of social behavior among mammals to the Cretaceous Period. The fossils date to the Late Campanian (ca. 75.5 mya) and represent the most complete and well-preserved mammal specimens known from North America for this... Read more
November 2, 2020
In a recent Viewpoint in The Lancet, medical anthropology MD/PhD candidate Jessica Cerdeña and her co-authors propose race-conscious medicine as an alternative to race-based medicine to mitigate health inequities. Race-based medicine involves the flawed use of race as an essential, biological... Read more