New review paper by Professor Eduardo Fernandez-Duque

April 30, 2020

A new review titled “The evolution of pair-living, sexual monogamy, and cooperative infant care: Insights from research on wild owl monkeys, titis, sakis, and tamarins” by Dr. Eduardo Fernandez-Duque has just been published in the Yearbook of Physical Anthropology.  The authors evaluate how well the field data they have collected during 25 years in Argentina, Ecuador and Peru support various hypotheses proposed to explain “monogamy” in recent comparative studies. They found a distressing lack of agreement between the data used in comparative studies, data from the primary literature and their own data. They stress the need for biological anthropologists to establish and follow clear criteria for comparing and combining results from published studies and for researchers, reviewers, and editors alike to follow those criteria to improve the transparency, reproducibility, and interpretability of causal inferences made in comparative studies.

A link to the Review can be found here.