Yale Anthropology Events & Colloquiums

Members of the Department of Anthropology are involved in a series of events throughout the year. Please see below for a list of affiliated events and colloquiums.

The Yale Program in Agrarian Studies Colloquium

The Program in Agrarian Studies at Yale is an experimental, interdisciplinary effort to reshape how a new generation of scholars understands rural life and society. Our basic goal is to infuse categories of social science research in danger of becoming purely statistical and abstract with the fresh air of popular knowledge and reasoning about poverty, subsistence, cultivation, justice, art, law, property, ritual life, cooperation, resource use, and state action.

Meetings are Fridays, 11am - 1pm
Room 203, Luce Hall, 34 Hillhouse Avenue

Ethnography and Social Theory Colloquium (EST)

The Ethnography and Social Theory (EST) Colloquium Series is a bi-weekly, graduate student-led event hosted by the Yale Department of Anthropology. The purpose of EST is to create a space that engenders an intellectually dynamic and rigorous academic atmosphere for public debate and discussion, and also allows emerging and seasoned scholars to exhibit and experiment with new research and ideas. 

The colloquium is held every other Monday from 4-5.30 pm at Room 105, 10 Sachem Street; please check the calendar for specific dates.