Yale University’s Department of Anthropology was officially founded in 1937 and traces its origins of research and teaching to work done within the Peabody Museum of Natural History (1866) and the Institute of Human Relations (1928). The Department is home to over 30 faculty and nearly 120 graduate students and undergraduate majors.


April 16, 2015
This ongoing media exhibit, housed at the Center for Science and Social Science Information, features faculty of the Yale Anthropology department and their research projects. Be sure to check it out anytime between now and October 2015!
April 14, 2015
Myles Lennon is a first-year student in the combined PhD program in Anthropology and Forestry & Environmental Studies. He was recently awarded a Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship. Administered by the National Research Council (NRC) on behalf of the Ford Foundation, the Predoctoral... Read more
April 13, 2015
In polygynous primates, a greater reproductive variance in males have been linked to their reduced life expectancy relative to females. The mortality patterns of monogamous pair-bonded primates, however, are less clear. We analyzed the sex differences in mortality within wild (NMales = 70, NFemales... Read more
April 13, 2015
Congratulations to graduate student Kendall Arslanian on receiving a Yale Center for Latin American and Iberian Studies Tinker Summer Research Grant. Her research this summer will focus on the association between adiponectin levels and metabolic health in the Toba of Argentina. More information... Read more