November 12, 2016
The application of radiographic imaging methods like conventional X-Ray and computed tomography (CT) in bioarchaeological research is normally considered to be non-invasive. While this holds true on the macro- and microscopic level, little is known about potentially induced damage on the molecular... Read more
November 10, 2016
This past weekend, Yale Anthropology faculty and students attended the Northeastern Evolutionary Primatologists (NEEP) meeting at Hunter College in New York City. The conference was attended by approximately 130 primatologists from universities across the Northeast and is an ideal venue for... Read more
November 10, 2016
In a 2011 Sesame Street episode, a monster named Murray learns a new word: empathy. If his friend — in this case, celebrity guest Mark Ruffalo — is sad about losing a favorite teddy bear, and Murray can imagine that feeling, to the point where he feels it, too — well, there you have it. “That was... Read more
November 6, 2016
Congratulations to graduate student Tram Luong on being awarded the 2016-2017 Dean’s Emerging Scholar Award. The award is part of an initiative to help foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive graduate student community at Yale. The awards are offered to currently-matriculated PhD students... Read more
November 4, 2016
Yale University is conducting an interdisciplinary open rank search for social scientists who develop and apply techniques at the research frontier of statistics and data science. Each appointment will be in the relevant social science department.  It is expected that half of the associated... Read more
October 28, 2016
The next Brown Beer speaker in Biological Anthropology is Dr. Meredith Reiches, from the UMass Department of Anthropology. Please joins us 11/3 at 5:30pm in 10 Sachem St, Room 105. Refreshments and light snacks provided. Title: “Invisible Women: Prenatal Nutrition Research and the Vanishing... Read more
October 22, 2016
“According to legend, the Explorers Club — a society of scientific adventurers — served its members a prehistoric dish at its annual dinner in 1951. By some accounts, the mystery meat was woolly mammoth; by others, extinct giant sloth. Now DNA analysis has provided a definitive answer — and... Read more