May 25, 2016
Abstract:   The cooperative breeding hypothesis (CBH) states that cooperative breeding, a social system in which group members help to rear offspring that are not their own, has important socio-cognitive consequences. Thornton & McAuliffe (2015; henceforth T&M) critiqued this idea on both... Read more
April 19, 2016
In the wake of anthropology’s much storied crisis of representation; attempted corrections following movements of “Third World” peoples, women, and queer folks; the recent disavowal of 1980s and 1990s reflexivity and experimentation; and what George Marcus has recently termed a “crisis of reception... Read more
April 18, 2016
Please join us in remembering the life of Bernard Bate, our friend, colleague, and teacher who passed away on March 11, 2016.  A linguistic and sociocultural anthropologist and gifted scholar of Tamil culture and politics, Barney taught at Yale for a decade, from 2001-2011.  While his primary home... Read more
April 11, 2016
The extinction of several species of large lemurs in Madagascar has created isolated “orphaned” plant species that once depended upon the animals to eat and disperse their large seeds, a Yale-led survey has found. These large-seeded plant species face an uncertain future without lemurs capable of... Read more
March 31, 2016
Congratulations to Myles Lennon, a second-year PhD student in the combined program in Anthropology and Forestry & Environmental Studies, who has been awarded an NSF GRP Fellowship for his doctoral work at Yale. Myles Lennon is developing a research project project on the ways in which... Read more
March 28, 2016
Objectives. To estimate trends of undernutrition (stunting and underweight) among children younger than 5 years covered by the universal health coverage programs Plan Nacer and Programa Sumar. Methods. From 2005 to 2013, Plan Nacer and Programa Sumar collected high-quality information on birth and... Read more
March 23, 2016
Michelle Young is the recipient of a Rust Foundation grant for her dissertation project the Atalla Archaeological Investigation Project, located in Yauli, Huancavelica, Peru. Her project explores the role of interregional interaction on the development of more complex social arrangements during the... Read more