Fall Course Offering - ANTH 318

September 3, 2019

Fall Course Offering: SAST 308, ANTH 318

Peril and Possibility in the South Asian City

Instructor: Adeem Suhail

T, TH 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM WTS A42

This course explores a ground-up view of the many ways in which the urban denizens of these bustling cities where past and futures collide, experience this collision. While this course draws on interdisciplinary scholarly examinations engaging the urban emergent, it focuses on the realm of experience, desire, and affect germinating in the city. Students sample ethnography, art, speculative fiction, and film to map out the textures of this complex and mutating fabric. In doing so we chart the emergence and application of new ideas and cultures, practices and constraints, identities and conflicts in the contemporary urban landscapes.