Yale University’s Department of Anthropology is home to over thirty faculty, affiliates from many other corners of the University, and scores of graduate students. Our research and teaching interests span the globe, many millions of years of prehistory and history, and the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Our Ph.D. graduates go on to teach in universities around the world and to pursue research in a wide variety of academic and non-academic settings. Our undergraduate major draws students with a passion for the study of humanity, both in the broadest terms and in the specific social, cultural, historical, and/or biological contexts that have shaped human pasts and presents–and that will shape humans’ collective futures.


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July 9, 2024
Dominic Bocci published an OpEd describing how the Pride movement went global for the Council on Foreign Relations, highlighting the history, momentum, and ongoing challenges of the movement. The piece is a result of Dominic’s selection by the AAA for the OpEd Project Initiative, which seeks to... Read more
Cover of "death and the afterlife multidisciplinary perspectives from a global city"
June 20, 2024
PhD candidate Jill J. Tan’s chapter, “Arts Approaches to Death in Singapore: Considering Universality, Cultural Mediation, and Everyday Immersion,” featuring ethnographic research and photographs taken between 2018-2023, was published in the edited volume Death and the Afterlife:... Read more
June 18, 2024
Catherine Panter-Brick and colleagues’ research employed a method called “fuzzy” cognitive mapping to understand the benefits of volunteering for Syrian and Jordian women. Through volunteering, the women were able to engage with their communities, create new opportunities, and empower themselves. 
June 4, 2024
A Nature paper co-authored by Lisa Messeri was featured in Forbes. The research is a timely assessment of how Artifical Intelligence can harm scientific research. 
Kroon building at Yale
May 15, 2024
Jessica Thompson organized an interdisciplinary workshop on promoting inclusivity in fieldwork. The workshop was hosted by Yale University and the Peabody Museum, and focused on understanding challenges to inclusivity and generating practical and accessible solutions.