April 8, 2024
Two studies co-authored by Catherine Panter-Brick were featured in Yale News this week. The studies looked at measures of well-being in Syrian refugees. Read more below:  Volunteering enhances life satisfaction among Syrian refugee women | YaleNews Parental discord over dads’ role linked to child... Read more
March 5, 2024
Live Science featured Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos research on residue analysis of 1,000 pottery in Mesoamerica. The study detected traces of nicotine in three ceramic vases, suggesting ritual use of tobacco. Read more at  Live Science. 
PhD candidate Alyssa Enny compares foot morphology
February 19, 2024
Four PhD students–Alyssa Enny, Spencer Irvine, Audrey Tjahjadi, and Hannah Keller–collaborated with Yale Pathways to introduce local high school students to anthropology. Students compared primate morphology, recovered bone casts from mock excavations, broke open bones with hammerstones... Read more
December 7, 2023
Archaeology Magazine featured Professor Burger’s genetic study of burials at Machu Picchu as one of the top 10 discoveries of 2023. The study revealed that Machu Picchu’s caretakers came from almost every part of the Inca Empire, including regions in the Amazon. Read more in Archaeology... Read more
September 21, 2023
PhD Student Spencer Kaplan was awarded Honorable Mention in the David Hakken Graduate Student Paper Prize by the AAA Committee for the Anthropology of Computing (CASTAC). Spencer received the Honorable Mention for his paper titled  “Facing Blockchain’s Double Bind: Trustless Technologies and ‘IRL... Read more
September 15, 2023
Why are women freezing their eggs in record numbers? Marcia Inhorn’s Motherhood on Ice explores this question by drawing on the stories of more than 150 women who pursued fertility preservation technology. Moving between narratives of pain and empowerment, these nuanced personal stories... Read more
June 2, 2023
Eduardo Fernandez-Duque, Professor of Anthropology and the School of the Environment was featured in Yale News this Friday for his co-authorship in two articles published in Science. Read more about his work here.