New from Professor Eric Sargis: “Rule reversal: Ecogeographical patterns of body size variation in the common treeshrew”

January 13, 2018

A new study by Eric Sargis, Virginie Millien, Neal Woodman and Link E. Olson has exposed the common treeshrew, a small and skittish mammal that inhabits the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, as an ecogeographical rule breaker.

Determining the causes of geographical variation within a species is critical to understanding underlying mechanisms of evolutionary patterns,” said Eric J. Sargis, professor of anthropology at Yale University and the study’s first author. “Our analysis demonstrates the need to assess multiple variables simultaneously when studying ecogeographical rules in a broadly distributed species like the common treeshrew, as multiple factors may have influenced how populations evolved.”

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Click here to read the article in Ecology and Evolution.