Biological Anthropology Laboratories

Dr. Gary Aronsen, Manager

Yale Mammalian Evolutionary Morphology Laboratory

Professor Eric Sargis, PI 

Yale Reproductive Ecology Laboratory

Professors Richard Bribiescas and Claudia Valeggia, PIs

Established in 1998, biological anthropologists at the Yale Reproductive Ecology Laboratory conduct research on the evolutionary biology of humans and non-human primates.  We are particularly interested in the evolutionary biology of key life history traits such as reproduction, growth, aging, and immune function.  We are also engaged in human and comparative research on behavioral ecology and bioeconomics.

YIBS Program in Reproductive Ecology

Professor Richard Bribiescas, Director 

The Program in Reproductive Ecology sponsors research and educational initiatives involving the interaction between the environment, ecology, and reproductive biology in human and comparative contexts.


The Program on Stress and Family Resilience

Professor Catherine Panter-Brick, Director 

The Program on Stress and Family Resilience offers a platform for interdisciplinary research partnerships on caregiving, health, and wellbeing. We use biomarkers to measure the physiological signatures of adversity, and to evaluate the impact of interventions to reduce stress, violence, or poverty. Projects are undertaken in conjunction with the Reproductive Ecology Laboratory within Anthropology and the Program on Conflict, Resilience, and Health within the MacMillan Center at Yale.

The Owl Monkey Project in the Argentinean Chaco (Proyecto Mirikiná)

Professor Eduardo Fernandez-Duque, Director

The Owl Monkey Project, started in 1996 by Dr. Eduardo Fernandez-Duque, is a multi-disciplinary program on the owl monkeys of the Argentinean Chaco. Studies are conducted on population biology, demography, behavior, genetics, endocrinology and conservation in collaboration with numerous institutions and colleagues and with the support of international and Argentinean funding agencies.

Human Evolutionary Genomics Lab

Professor Serena Tucci, PI

The Human Evolutionary Genomics Lab is located in the Department of Anthropology at Yale University. Our Research addresses fundamental questions in human evolution and population history using DNA from present-day and ancient humans. We use an interdisciplinary approach that combines expertise from anthropology, population genetics, and computational biology, to reconstruct past demographic events and disentangle the genetic basis of human adaptation. 

Yale Paleoarchaeology Lab

Professor Jessica Thompson, PI

The Paleoarchaeology Laboratory is in Room 016 of the Anthropology Building (10 Sachem Street, New Haven) at Yale University. It features both comparative osteological specimens as well as fossil collections. In addition to its primary purpose as a zooarchaeological research facility, this lab includes resources for students and researchers to collect data on ancient ornaments, stone tools, and other remains that are commonly found at paleolithic archaeological sites.

Yale Anthropology and Human Skeletal Remains

Yale’s Department of Anthropology, in step with the discipline as a whole, engages in some forms of research and teaching that involve human skeletal remains. This page provides an overview of how the department approaches this component of its work, with special attention to consultation with descendant communities and other stakeholders.